DN Business Excellence Awards 2017

 DN Business Excellence Awards 2017

How To Encourage Quality As a Way Of Life In Society?

At DN Inc. we were looking at taking our motto of Quality First to the society at large and popularizing concepts of Six Sigma in our everyday lives. What other best way to do it than recognize the people who have imbibed quality as their way of life?

This seed of thought in our mind slowly took root and we started building the concept of The DN Business Excellence Awards.

In What Way Can DN Inc Help?

The thought process around was slowly gaining shape and we started brainstorming on this concept. 

We decided, to encourage everyone to participate and benefit from this and it should not be only the Winners who go away happy.

The awards should not be only about rewards and recognition it should be about learning and the thought process of quality as a concept which can be used in our lives as we live it. 

This was the most significant goal DN Inc. had in mind when we built the award concept.

Who Should Participate?

We decided to throw open our gates to invite people from all walks of life to participate.

After all Six Sigma is not bound by any Industry or Business scope and is equally applicable on a small scale industry and a large scale industry floor.

Keeping this thought in mind we invited participation from all Organisations and Individuals who had demonstrated excellence and impacted society by using methodologies of Six Sigma and Lean to lead projects and derive success.

How Did We Decide Who Wins?

While we wanted to encourage everyone we had to ultimately choose winners!!

This made us put pen to paper and create our judgement criteria.

We looked at the most innovative thought processes, the most creative designs and the most diligent implementation of Six Sigma concepts and Lean concepts as key criteria.

We additionally looked at what are the impacts the projects has created in the society it resides in. 

Did it create great Financial Impact, did it improve efficiency or extreme effectiveness?

Did it bring great satisfaction to some Customer segment? Be it Internal or External?

What All Categories Of Awards Do We Want?

We moved to define categories of awards.

There were to be different categories like Black belt, Green Belt, Lean etc awarded separately and that too for different lines of business we provided different opportunities to compete and win.

We wanted to be doubly sure we are comparing apple to apple and not apple to orange.

How Did We Launch The Event?

The event had a soft launch with us telling all our partners and customers and passing the word on through word of mouth and posters on social media.

This was our first event and we wanted it to be a success even if it was hosted on a small scale.

What Happened At The Competition Stage?

While initially the participation was just trickling in as the word got around we got more and more people interested and we could see a lot of good projects coming in. 

Finally our leader Mr. Dheerendra Negi was finding it difficult to judge who should be awarded, as there were a lot of good initiatives being showcased.

As quoted by one of our eminent judge Mr. Richard D’zouza, ‘’ It was a tough choice to select the best amongst the best as every project was unique and contributed immensly to their respective oraganizations.’’

Who Got To Win?

We believe in honesty & transparency.

Each winning semifinalist was asked to present their project as a team and take the judges panel through the entire thought process .

How they had decided upon the project? 

How the team collaborated to create a winning project?

What were the concepts used?

What was the impact created?

Scoring was on all the above criteria and additionally on the way the team presented their project and answered the VIVA questions.

Hurray !! The Finale!!!

The awards finally ended with a great fanfare and flourish as the event was hosted by DN Inc. We had some huge wins with excellent concepts being shared and showcased on how Six Sigma and tools of Hypothesis Testing and Lean were being used to bring in great difference to organisations and the Society we reside in.

What’s In It For Me?

Each winner got a cash prize a trophy and certificate

All participants were awarded with certificates and scholarships too

Above all this……………..

Icing On Top Of The Cake!!

Our awards were not only about rewards and recognition but also about a log of learning as we had some key Quality Gurus and social leaders address the gathering and share their stories about their journey in the field of quality and how the concepts of Six Sigma and Lean had impacted not only their daily lives officially but personally too. 

We all had something or other as a key take away for sure !!

Awaiting DN Business Excellence Awards 2018

The crowd dispersed with great expectations for the forthcoming events from DN Inc. They could not have enough of these kind of sessions.

They wanted more and we were sure wanting to give them more …. ‘’Somethings are worth the wait.’’

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