Award Categories

Per Industry Award Category -Platinum / Gold / Silver / Bronze

  • Aerospace
  • Food & Beverages 
  • Automobile
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Pharma
  • Textiles
  • Mining
  • Engineering Goods
  • Chemicals
  • Power Plants
  • Others
  • Academics/Training
  • Banking
  • Defense
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Media
  • Software Development
  • Telecom
  • Logistics
  • Others

Award Sub Categories

  • Black Belt Project Excellence Award
  • Green Belt Project Excellence Award
  • Lean Project Excellence Award
  • The High Five Award (Best 5S Project)
  • Poka-yoke Champion
  • Kaizen Master

Who Can Participate?

  • Participation open to individuals and organizations globally
  • Organizations that encourage and adopt Six Sigma and Lean Methodologies to drive quality in their everyday operations.
  • Individuals who have used Six Sigma and Lean concepts successfully to mitigate problems and complete projects which have contributed to                   satisfying their customer’s need
  • All Individuals who have practiced 5S in their work area or at their homes can showcase how they have adapted the concept and the benefits thereof
  • We welcome participants who have used Poka-Yoke in their line of work and derived benefit for their organization or end customer by ensuring that        no error occurs or is passed on
  • Participants who have successfully deployed Lean concepts like Kanban or Push-Pull or any other methodology to improve efficiency and decrease        waste are heartily invited to participate to showcase their projects

How it works?

  • Apply

    Fill the application form with full details about your project. No fee charged to apply

  • Qualify

    DN Inc. jury will shortlist participants based on the details provided in the project

  • Compete

    Pay participation fee based on category and send us the requested documents regarding the project

  • Select

    Interview / Video call Schedules
    We will send you the schedule for a video call to discuss various aspects of your project

  • Shortlist

    Shortlisting of Semi-finalist
    Based on the performance/ discussion participants will be shortlisted for the Semi-finals round

  • Stream

    Live Webinar/Event
    Shortlisted team/participants will be part of a live online webinar / Event presenting their projects with Q&A Sessions from our panel members


  • Win

    Shortlisting of Finalist
    Based on the performance/ discussion top 5 teams will be shortlisted for the final round

  • Celebrate

    Award Ceremony
    Declaring the winners and Award Distribution

Eligibility Criteria:

Individuals – Eligibility Criteria Based on Categories:

Aligned with the Project criteria

Organizations Eligibility:

  • Organizations which have driven a minimum of 5 Quality projects in the Financial Year 2020 – 21
  • Organizations with a minimum of 15 to 20 individuals who are certified quality practitioners to drive quality with an employee strength of at least 100+ employees

Project Criteria: (Detailed questionnaire will be shared to understand project specifics post-project selection)

  • Black belt Project –  Projects which have been completed with extensive use of tools of Hypothesis Testing like Correlation, Regression, Parametric and Non Parametric tests and FMEA and Control Charts. The DMAIC methodology should have been followed clearly and we should be seeing all elements of Six Sigma discipline being applied in the project
  • Green Belt Project – Projects which have used the discipline of DMAIC and incorporated usage of the 7QC tools along with elements of Hypothesis testing and FMEA and Control Charts will be definitely most relevant in this category. We want to see the approach you have taken to identify causes and solutions and how you have prioritized the same
  • Lean Six Sigma – Projects which have concentrated on Waste Elimination using lean methodologies to gain and sustain improvements. Usage of tools like Kanban/Andon/Poka Yoke/TPS/Push Pull/5S can all be part of this segment. We would like you to tell us your story of how lean concepts helped you move forward in your organization with initiatives which were otherwise like efficiency
  • 5S – Tell us how you implemented 5S in your workplace or home and thereby improve efficiency and safety to a great extent. Pictorial representation of before and after 5S is what we would be keen to see and review
  • Poka-Yoke: Tell us how you used Poka-Yoke to help your business avoid or prevent errors. How effective was the measure was taken and how successfully you could proactively identify and prevent mistakes.


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